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Bamboo fabric is fantastically perfect for your baby. And not only is it super soft on baby’s skin, it is great for the planet too. So if you are considering buying baby clothes for your own baby or as a gift for somebody else, switching to bamboo is certainly the best for baby and is best for the environment too. 

Buying bamboo baby clothes is extremely apt for a new baby. After all he or she will be the one who inherits the legacy we leave now.  So why add to the problem by buying things now that add to the ecological impact that his or her generation will need to sort out later?  

Bamboo fabric is undoubtedly ecological.  But unlike some things which are good for the environment nobody has to make any sacrifices to comfort by using it. 

There is nothing uncomfortable or basic about bamboo fabric. This is a soft luxurious fabric that is hard wearing yet extremely comfortable to wear. This is especially important for baby clothing when you need to know that you have provided the very best in comfort and safety for delicate baby skin. 

Bamboo fabric is a soft luxurious comfortable material that has great advantages over mass produced fabrics such as cotton or polyester and is even better than other natural materials such as wool or hemp. 

So what are the benefits of bamboo fabric to your baby? 

  • Bamboo fabric is as soft as silk. The fibres are soft and smooth with no hard edges unlike other natural materials such as hemp and wool. This means it is perfect for your baby’s delicate skin and will not lead to redness or chafing in sensitive areas. 
  • The Bamboo plant has natural anti bacterial properties which are not destroyed in the manufacturing process. Bamboo fabric is safe and hygienic so is ideal for baby clothes. 
  • Bamboo fabric is breathable. You can’t see with the naked eye but the composition of the fibre has microscopic air holes which allow moisture to wick away. This helps baby stay warm without becoming over hot. In fact bamboo enables the wearer to stay at the perfect temperature because it is warm and cosy but also does not become hot and sweaty. 
  • Bamboo is resistant to harmful UV rays, protecting baby’s skin from any potential damage from the sun. 
  • Bamboo fabric is easy to wash. Because it is a lightweight material it dries very quickly and you can wash it on the gentle cycle. Remember it already has antibacterial properties so you don’t need to risk harsh detergents or even fabric softeners.

Why is bamboo so eco friendly? 

Bamboo is extremely eco friendly at every stage from growing to fabric production. So as well as providing a unique comfortable fully breathable fabric for your baby’s needs, you can be sure that you are doing your bit for the environment. 

Some of the great points about bamboo fabric are as follows: 

  • Bamboo grows everywhere and fast. It can grow to full size in only a few months requiring very little water and in the right conditions can grow around 12 inches per day. 
  • Because bamboo has natural anti bacterial properties, called Bamboo Kun, it does not require the use of pesticides. Easy to grow and easy to harvest, many communities across the world are now benefiting from the boom in bamboo cultivation. It can be used for a wide range of purposes from everything from construction material, beer and fabric. 
  • Bamboo is great for the environment too. It absorbs carbon dioxide more effectively than trees and creates 30% more oxygen than other trees and plants. 

Bamboo fabric is better for the environment than cotton

Bamboo is a great alternative to other materials. You may feel that cotton for example is a healthy natural material but there are concerns about its production. 

According to the World Wildlife Foundation, it requires 20, 000 litres of water to produce just one kilo of cotton (enough for one pair of jeans and a tee shirt).  

In addition, most cotton is bleached at the manufacturing stage and the chemicals pollute water air and soil in the local environment. There are serious issues about the conditions for workers in developing countries where much of the world’s cotton is produced. 

By contrast bamboo fabric can be manufactured in an eco friendly way. The cellulose fibres can be extracted mechanically creating high quality silk thread. Sometimes this is achieved by a closed loop system where chemicals are used to extract the cellulose but are reused time and time again. 

What about polyester? 

Polyester is manufactured from plastic and petroleum. Polyester fabric does not biodegrade and plastic is one of the worst pollutants in the world. Buy your baby polyester clothes and the sad truth is that the polyester baby onesie you buy today will still be causing an environmental impact in some way, 200 years from now. 

Most polyester ends up in landfill and although you can buy recycled polyester made from materials such as plastic bottles, there is evidence that this new material sheds plastic fibres which enter the water supply at each wash. Tiny plastic fibres have been found everywhere across the world’s oceans, killing and harming fish and other aquatic creatures. 

Is it time to switch to bamboo fabric for your baby?

It is certainly time to make the change. Bamboo fabric is perfect for your baby and by switching to this wonder material you are helping the sustainability of the planet. 

After all one day baby will grow up and have to deal with the mess we’ve all made of the planet. So it only seems fair that we don’t add to the problem now by buying even more plastic and unsustainable material for his or her first years of life.

Bamboo Baby Onesies

Bamboo onesies are perfect for your baby. They keep baby at a perfect temperature and are easy to wash and dry. Safe, comfortable and ecological, isn’t it time to make the change to bamboo fabric  for the good of your baby and for the welfare of the whole planet? 

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